Monday, January 11, 2016

Who works in video editing, or as a publisher on YouTube and other platforms knows very well that the intro is indispensable on any video. However, despite being the shortest part in the video, but they determine how can your video be professional and give first impression about you and your video. So, dear reader, I suggest you today a list of best sites that lets you create professional introductions online.

1. MakeWebVideo

One of famous websites, characterized by ease of use and offering you many tools to create intro, all you need is to choose a template and customize it to what works for you, and in about 30 minutes you can get your video. This website offers a free trial. To visit :MakeWebVideo

2. VipID

Has many introductions video based on famous movies, where you can modify them and can be downloaded for free but unfortunately with the icon of the company. you can also choose HD and Full HD but it is not free ! To visit : VipID

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Building a website takes time, money (usually) and effort. If your sole goal is to turn around a website that pays off for Adsense purposes, than you may be one of a growing number of people who feels that the effort that goes into building a website is not really repaid by the financial return that comes from Adsense. You could probably be making more money doing something easier.
It is accepted by many that the easiest way to gain a personal, undivided presence online is to set up a blog. The page is largely your own, but it is more or less automatically structured and maintained because it is put together using a content management system. You can tweak it to a greater or lesser extent, but it is pretty much ready to go from the moment you sign up.
How well does blogging fit in with Adsense? The truth of the matter is that it depends what you are doing – are you adding advertisements to your blog, or are you blogging to advertise? The difference is small but crucial. In the former, you can’t expect many people to click because you aren’t setting up for commercial success. Your blog may be fun to read, but it is not ad-friendly.
If you want to make a blog commercially successful, you need to learn a few salient facts. Firstly, you likely won’t see big money until you have upwards of a hundred posts. Secondly, the more you personalise it the less you monetise it. Unless you’re already a household name, you cannot blog for money and for fun – just as you can’t expect to sell advertising space during your conversations with friends.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Often we may need to access to some of the people in Internet to search for them, using their names, or any other information we know about them. For this purpose, there are several websites across Internet providing this service for free, and we will learn about five of them in this post, to facilitate access to anyone who might need to search for it.


PeekYou is a free people search site that places people at the center of the Internet.It lets you discover the people most important and relevant to your life.


Pipl dive into the deep web to bring you results you won't find in any other search engine then it use a powerful identity resolution engine to identify the person you are looking for.


Webmii lets you find any person you want on the Net just by putting its name on the search box to give you the results in few seconds.

Whostalkin is a social media search tool that allows users to search for conversations surrounding the topics that they care about most. Whether it be your favorite sport, favorite food, celebrity, or your company's brand name


SocialMention is also an useful to search for people !

Although the hard disk drive capacity today has become largest, but we want to get rid of duplicate files on our computers files, such as images, documents, music and videos. but identify these files will be very hard without assistance programs that could identify all these types of files quickly and easily remove them.

Duplicate Files Finder

Tool very simple, and only focus in its mission: to search for duplicate files on your hard drive files, the program finds matching files only, so it may not work well with photos or music.


AllDup is a complete program, with a varied menu of features and customization options. It is an ideal and important program for those who are looking for a sophisticated tool to search for duplicate files. Unlike the first, AllDup allows you to locate duplicate files and according to several criteria: name, content type, creation date, etc. You can download the program for the Windows operating system.

Duplicate Cleaner

Although it is easy to use, but it requires some effort to set it up when you want to use for the first time the program allow you select the folders and places that analysis option, specifying the criteria used to determine whether a duplicate file. In addition you can also some appropriate customization options you set.


This program is important and very useful if you search for duplicate photos in your device, you may be surprised the results that may be obtained. the program enables you to choose customization you see fit, and when to find duplicate photos lets you program for you to decide what to do in each case : either delete, delete all, and move on to somewhere else.


We conclude this list this wonderful and small-scale program, you can program to identify duplicate files on your computer and remove them immediately in order to reduce the hard drive space on your computer. The program contains an extensive list of options and preferences to adjust the search criteria, and allows you to view the results in different ways.

There are hell lot of Android games and apps available for free, many are addicted to play Android games these days. But the sad thing is many awesome games are available only for the Android. What if you wanted to play Android games on your windows PC? Yes now you can play an Android game or App on your windows 7 / 8 / XP. This post will show you “How to play android games on windows ”. We are going to do this using Android emulators. Here are the 4 ways using which you can ply Android game in windows Operating system using Android emulators

1. Using Bluestack to play Android Games on windows

Bluestack is a free Android emulator and it can be installed both on Windows and MAC operating system. It’s pretty easy to use Bluestack. You can download the files from Android official GOOGLE PLAY store and install apps on it. You can also install apps from other Android markets using this bluestack. This even supports HD android games, so that you can play them on your PC without any problem. I use this on my PC and its working really fine.

How to play android games on windows using bluestack

1. Download the Bluestack from [HERE]

2. It will take some time to download the required files and then the Bluestack will get installed in your PC. So wait for few seconds for the setup files to get downloaded.

3. You can install the Android Apps and Games in 2 ways, either by downloading the APK files to your PC and then installing or by downloading in Bluestack itself. You can search for the Android games and apps that you require from the search box provided and then can install them.

2. Using Youwave to instal Android games on PC

Youwave also works fine to play Android games on your PC, but this is not available for free, Youwave is a paid emulator. Even in Youwave itself you can download the apps from the different play stores and play Android games on your PC.

Download the Youwave from [HERE]

3.Using Android SDK to play Android games on windows os

This is the official emulator and this is used for by the Android app developers to test the apps instantly, even you can install any sort of apps on your windows machine using this Android SDK. It supports windows 8 too. You can download the

Download the Android SDK from [HERE]

4. Using LIVE ANDROID to install and play Android games

LIVE ANDROID is completely different from the above mentioned Emulators, ANDROID live is nothing but of a complete operating system which can be installed in your computer or lap top. You can install then on your virtual machines on virtual box and it will act as new operating system. You can download this from he given link below and start using it.

Download the LIVE ANDROID from [HERE]

So, using any of the above, Android emulators you can easily install and play Android games on your Windows PC without any problem. Bluestack is my favorite one and I recommend you to use that, If you are facing any problem with that then try the other options too. If you have any problems regarding this post, kindly comment below and I am always happy to help you.